End-to-end software quality control and assurance

The dedicated manager helps determine the best approaches and mechanics to quality management. The DevOps and agile methodologies enable the QA team to easily embed within the customer's team. The main value comes from versatile skills and insights, as well as significant automation capabilities, shown by the team.

Rationale for Heightened Efforts in Quality Assurance and Control

Only those customers who leverage in-depth quality control and customer feedback are capable to consistently improve the user experience. Higher conversions and longer use sessions are dependent on ease of use and visual aesthetics offered by the app.

Superb user experience

Usability, functionality and exploratory testing act as the cornerstone for effective and pleasing user experience.

Improvements to SDLC

QA procedures, performed earlier within the software development lifecycle, help identify errors and issues faster. As a result, the business owner incurs lower costs with less effort and money to needed to rectify the problems within the app.

Separation of quality assurance and quality control

An external advisory promotes implementation of segregate processes. Quality assurance sustains efforts to improve the production processes, including development, integration, delivery and deployment. Quality control focuses on the final product and its compliance with the original specifications, agreed by the developer and the customer.

Offerings in Quality Control and Assurance

A selection of services enables customers to choose the appropriate offering, accounting for their unique needs and goals. The team easily gears between advisory, external team enlargements or training in automation and optimisation.

Advisory services and consultations

The dedicated Quality Engineer facilitates the in-depth review of the internal processes, transcending the Development, QA and Operations. The consultations help the team shorten the time-to-market and avoid major QA-related issues at the end of the DevOps development pipeline. The Quality Engineers always work in pairs, assuring the availability of the stand-in expert at all times.

QA automation

Customers are assisted in integrating fully automated test scripts for accelerated delivery on the test cases suite. All stakeholders within the internal team undergo thorough training and smoothly transition into a new QA framework. Freed-up investment and effort are utilised for deeper usability and functionality testing with exploratory investigations at the core. The integrated testing solutions enable to incorporate lower-level insights upward along the QA pyramid.

External QA/QC testing for development teams

Engage our QA team for specific QA testing needs. A new look on the final product will offer new visions on technical, usability and functional domains. The QA engineers leverage cutting-edge tools and frameworks to accelerate the delivery time as compared to insourcing. The QA experts assist customers in selecting the needed tests and embedding them within the overall SDLC.

Versatility in Testing Types and Approaches

Customers find a supportive QA team that is always ready to identify the best-fitting testing types and execute them in minimum time. An elaborate taxonomy by Level, Method and Type help to pinpoint the best need-type fit.

Powerful Suite of Benefits

Agile SDLC and DevOps pipeline

Our QA experts excel at agile methods and promote "shift left" in their interactions with other stakeholders. The DevOps pipeline, set up within our team, helps shorten then communication paths between Development, QA and Operations.

Full-cycle development

Customers win from our capabilities to develop web applications, mobile applications, IoT apps, SaaS, AI and ML solutions. It's easy to engage the QA engineers for a wide exploratory testing run and learn about the other ways the broader team can contribute to the app's success.

Automation at core

QA engineers actively leverage both commercial and proprietary testing automation software to cut out routine tasks and focus on usability and functionality. The automation is done systematically, bringing a gradual pay-off on the effort and money invested in machine-driven processes.

UI/UX as the main focus

In their efforts, the QA engineers are driven to improve UI/UX, and not just structural and technical indicators. An understanding that user comes first helps correctly prioritise our tasks and efforts.

Versatile hands-on experience

A wide range of niches, businesses and use cases we deal with helps us cross-pollinate and have the right answers to novel problems. What has worked for another industry can be used for the customer's niche.

Estimate your project

Free Preliminary Consultation and estimation Full information on team, costs and timeline

Code Review Revision of operational applications for inefficiencies and bottlenecks

Expedient response Dedicated manager responds within 24 hours

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