Our process

Established Development Lifecycle

A smoothly running development lifecycle assures high-quality and efficiency in deliveries. The dedicated manager acts as a liaison, enabling expedient communications and issue resolution.

DevOps Philosophy

Merging Development and Operations, the team accelerates the internal processes. A cross-functional team self-organises and streamlines the work for better firm-wide cadence.

Cloud-Driven Development

Guarantees for higher scalability and security entice customers to retire on-premise databases. Cloud Engineers easily build up architectures that span public, private and hybrid clouds.

Continuous Quality Assurance

A set of deeply embedded quality tests helps identify issues at early stages. Automation simplifies management of truly large-scale apps. UX-centricity helps set testing priorities.

Effective Software Development Cycle

The Software Developers define a comprehensive list of requirements, successfully marrying business and user goals. A special focus on UX and functional perfection helps the team with prioritising and channelling the effort toward the vital modules.

Faster Deployments with DevOps Implemented

DevOps is a philosophy that seeks to break walls between Development and Operations. We fully align our processes with this vision, bringing all stakeholders together and empowering them the the right tools they need to succeed.

Among these are cloud-driven infrastructure, containerisation and orchestration, micro-services and more. In particular, automated testing serves as an often-missing components with the CI/CD pipeline. Customers seem stunning delivery speeds with the team constantly displaying fully operational rigorously tested deployments.

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Ongoing Quality Testing

In-house testing capabilities

Own QA Engineers perform unit, integration, system and user acceptance tests. An optimal selection of black-box, white-box and grey box methods accelerated the accumulation of valuable insights. An initiative-based approach to exploratory testing pays off.

UI/UX-driven quality control

All testing efforts focus on better UI/UX with heuristics and customer journeys decomposed and thoroughly analysed. Analysts work hard to marry business and user goals for app's viability.

Automated testing solutions

The team leverages a suite of proprietary automated testing capabilities, underlying continuous integration and deployment. Diligently developed scripts and automated sequences eliminate large-scale manual labor and free up resources for more creative assignments.

Cloud Solutions for Scalability

With cloud solutions, businesses enjoy continuity and effortless scalability. Even large-scale demand peaks pose no threat to the app's architecture. Our team excels at leveraging public/private/hybrid clouds and assists customers in the cloud journey.

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    Infrastructure as Code with no need to deal with bare-metal installations
    Disaster recovery as a service capability to save related cost and effort
    Robust security thanks to providers taking charge of protection
    Remote access for flexibility
    Lean payments structure with "pay as you go" philosophy at core
    Ability to strengthen legacy apps
    Enabler for deeper DevOps integration with containerisation and micro-services
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