Machine learning consultations and development

Unstructured datasets are turned into useful insights, empowering customers in their efforts to improve internal processes and user experience. Effective processes are developed by ML engineers and data scientists. Customers choose between consultations, end-to-end development or delivery of specific stages.

Offerings in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Consulting and audits

Customers quickly find answers to any questions, evaluate feasibility and ROI. The team audits the existing ML solutions in order to find areas for improvement.

Full-cycle ML and DL development

The full-cycle team develops website and mobile assets with ML capabilities inside. API calls and micro-services bring scalability and upgradability.

ML for Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is gathered and analysed through fully automated processes. A set of customised algorithms finds new insights for actionable recommendations.

Consultations and Advisory Services in ML, DL and AI

Machine learning

Associates help to see opportunities to implement self-learning algorithms to automate processes and augment customer-facing applications. ML solutions are widely used for predictive analysis, anomaly detection, customer analytics and much more. All deployments are fast and scalable.

Deep Learning

Neural networks empower businesses to automate highly complex and creative task. It's possible to classify, label and cluster the generated data in order to uncover hidden insights. Our experienced team of DL Engineers excels at using both ready-to-use and customised solutions from AWS and Google

Data collection and optimisation

ML Engineers review and optimise the datasets, enabling your team to identify new insights and patterns. A suite of proprietary software is used to expedite the optimisation process and efficiently process unstructured and high-volume data.

Investigative Workshop

The ML Engineers and Data Scientists review the business problems and capabilities. A clear action plan is developed to enable cost-effective roll-out for ML-empowered functionalities. In addition, UX designers assist in streamlining the customer journey, marrying business and user objectives.

AI and ML Development at Scale

Machine Learning for Business Intelligence

  • ML-powered solutions automate and improve processes for collection, processing and presentation for Business Intelligence (BI). Self-services tools, embedded in the GUI, enable business users to function independently of the IT service provider.
  • End-to-end encryption and use of reliable cloud providers are used to create a reliable Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).
  • SaaS businesses have a lot to gain from implementing a fully customisable BI solution and offering novel analytics to their users and business team.

Extensive Experience Across Industries

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Free Preliminary Consultation and estimation Full information on team, costs and timeline

Code Review Revision of operational applications for inefficiencies and bottlenecks

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