Full-stack software development services

Epic Frog assists customers in large-scale development projects.

Meticulous testing and efficient architecture design give customers a strong competitive edge. The team offers the full-cycle development, empowering customers' efforts in website and mobile development, UI/UX design, DevOp and cloud engineering. ML-based applications are gradually gathering steam and help customers leverage unstructured data for valuable insights.

Web development

Experienced frontend and backend developers create future-proof web-apps. User experience is at the core, driving all the decisions taken throughout the development lifecycle. Use of modern frameworks and cloud-first philosophy bring scalability and simplified iterations. The dedicated manager delivers personalisation and efficient communications.


UI/UX design

The due with UI/UX Designer and Researcher quickly identify bottlenecks and limitations. Customers are empowered to go after the low-hanging-fruit solutions with clear lists of actionable recommendations. UX audits and ML-empowered modelling help identify the best customer paths while staying in sync with ground floor heuristics.

UX consulting
End-to-end UI/UX
Design package

Cloud development

Cloud Engineers leverage a mix of public, private and hybrid clouds in order to set up the best-fitting environment. Robust security and business continuity are enabled thanks to use of top-notch commercial and proprietary solutions. Infrastructure as a Code underlies the apps being developed, cutting down the deployment time. The dedicated manager lead the cloud migration journey, helping the team obtain all the needed skills and insights.

Managed cloud
Cloud consulting
Cloud migration
Disaster recovery as a service
End-to-end cloud development services

Quality assurance

The combination of QA automation and deep-dives into exploratory testing bring a holistic and UX-driven verification. Customers benefit from pinpointed consultations and audits, end-to-end QA extension for their teams or automation operations. QA specialists aptly identify root causes and advise customers on appropriate solutions with actional lists of solutions. Free-form exploratory reviews help identify obfuscated issues in UX.

Extended end-to-end QA team
QA/QC consultations and audits
QA automation for large-scale software development projects

Mobile development

Native and hybrid apps for Android and iOS offer flawless performance and immaculate user experience. Underlying databases and back-end solutions are fast and resilient. QA specialists perform in-depth automated and exploratory testing to identify hidden errors and inefficiencies. DevOps integrates orchestration, micro-services and containerisation to offer scalability. The full-cycle team extends branding and marketing insights across website and mobile assets

React Native


DevOps practitioners help the team transition to a new philosophy. Breaking down the walls between Development and Operations, customers implement CI/CD pipelines, orchestration and micro-services. Cloud engineering is at the core, empowering the overall DevOps journey. Automated testing accelerated the integration and deployment for fast-growing apps without affecting security or resilience.

DevOps audit
DevOps transition
DevOps as a service
DevOps consultations

Machine learning

Automate arduous processes and free up human talent for more creative tasks. The team performs a preliminary review and identified the low-hanging-fruit opportunities for higher RoI and better team buy-in. Machine learning, deep learning and end-to-end ML-powered applications empower companies to deliver better user experience and mine unstructured/structured data for valuable insights.

ML consulting and audits
ML-driven development
ML for Business Intelligence operations
Efficient process and expedient delivery

A well-established process is used to manage the software development lifecycle.

The team effectively moves through ideation, requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance. The dedicated manager makes sure that feedback from all stakeholders is heard and incorporated within the final product.

DevOps is used to accelerate the integration and deployment process.

Cloud-first architectures are implemented for resilience and scalability.

Quality assurance is an inalienable part of every stage within the process.

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Full-Cycle development team

Epic Frog brings together some of the best developers, project managers, business analysts and UX designers.

Together, we deliver a wide range of large-scale project, helping customers drive their business goals and delight users with unique functionalities and solutions.

Transparency in communications, calculations and internal processes acts as a cornerstone for trust and reciprocity. All team members buy into the customer's success, ready to leverage their insights and capabilities to constantly push up the business metrics and conversion rates.

Estimate your project

Free Preliminary Consultation and estimation Full information on team, costs and timeline

Code Review Revision of operational applications for inefficiencies and bottlenecks

Expedient response Dedicated manager responds within 24 hours

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