UX/UI design for efficient user flows

With higher competition, UX/UI takes a central role in the fight for users. The proficient UX/UX designers deliver improvements to usability and conversions via UX audits, user testing and surveys. Unexpected pivot strategies help to assess potential routes and enrich the business model with edge cases.

Multi-Faceted Approaches to UX/UI Initiatives

Full Cycle UX/UI Design Services

A holistic approach to user experience and interfaces. A focus on intuitive use and optimised customer journey.

UX Consulting

UX designers advice on key steps in UX improvements. Continuous assistance and in-depth familiarisation build trust.

UI/UX Audit

The key opening stage in collaboration. The Epic Frog’s UX designers take deep and holistic look into existing user experience and metrics.

UX Research

A unique and bold approach to UX research delivers rich data into high-value problems.

Full-Cycle UX/UI Design for Continuous Improvements

Associates let go of their biases and assumptions. Looking at the experience from the user's point of view, the designers empower the app to become more humane and user oriented.


A core-only MVP iterates in minimum time. UX designers assess viability for pivots within the business model. Real-life feedback enables data-driven decisions.


A fresh look on user flows comes from in-depth UX audits and heuristic evaluations. The rejuvenated redesign improves both experiential and quantitative indicators.

Outsourced UX department

The end-to-end outsourcing enables cost optimisation and a focus on the core business. A superb quality and precision is achieved throughout user researching, business/user goals alignment, prototyping and user testing, flow analysis and UX audits.

UX Consulting for Fresh Look and Expertise

The consulting team assists even large‐scale projects. The dedicated manager efficiently orchestrates the overall UX/UI consultation process. Designers form an integral part of the internal team, bringing extensive experience and unique outlook for innovation and edge.

Business model validation

The professional team determines viability hypotheses for potential pivots in the business model, priorities the riskiest first and identifies potential routes. With reduced uncertainty, customers iterate faster and more effectively, discovering a perfect product-market fit with ease.

On-demand UX design support

UX designers track the overall development process but activate only at specific stages. it user interviews, competitor analysis or prototyping, the Epic Frogs’s associates fit perfectly within existing organisational structure. The on-demand approach cuts cost while enabling access to valuable talent. In addition, website and mobile development services are offered to complement UX/UI initiatives.

UX/UI Audit

A detailed analysis into the user experience is conducted by the cross-company team. The UX designers review business and user goals, perform heuristic evaluations and user testing. A result is a suite of actionable recommendations that will eliminate major issues in user experience.

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UI/UX Audit for Critical Improvements

Upon the launch of the collaboration, the dedicated manager arranges for the UI/UX audit. Throughout the process, the UX/UI designers look into heuristics and metrics to see how the original vision and actual user journey diverge.

UX Research for Data-Driven Pivoting
Duo with researcher & designer
A professional duo brings the double set of eyes, clear distribution of duties and faster execution. Even a mass project on UX research is done efficiently and with great outcomes. The dedicated manager implements the optimised DevOps philosophy.
Seamless UX research at all stages
Data-driven research
Focus on clarifying the vision

Perfect Suite of Soft Skills for Empathetic UX Design


Associates let go of their biases and assumptions. Looking at the experience from the user's point of view, the designers empower the app to become more humane and user oriented.


A hard-to-measure desire to learn underlies the successful UX audits and follow-up improvements. A never-ending search for insights channels the team's energy to the customer's benefit.


UX designers collaborate with users through various interactive methods including surveys, questionnaires, observations and more. A clear framework for calls and written communication delivers trust and investment by stakeholders.


Any UX/UI initiative is too large for any single person to tackle. Only a diverse and efficient team is capable of driving innovation. Collaboration is essential with soft-skilled UX teams overpowering any "siloed" rivals over the longer distance.

Critical Thinking

Precisely set KPIs keep the team focused on making only data-driven decisions. Each move is rigorously verified and challenged through a number of simultaneously used research methods.

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Free Preliminary Consultation and estimation Full information on team, costs and timeline

Code Review Revision of operational applications for inefficiencies and bottlenecks

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