Cloud consultations and managed solutions

Certified experts provide consultations on cloud migrations and subsequent improvements to cloud-based operations. The team lead assists customers in taking business-critical decisions, implementing cloud-native technologies and taking the full advantage of DevOps methodology. Companies enjoy higher scalability, mobility and adaptability.

Rationale for Cloud Migration

Any business stands to win from migrating capacities from on-premise data centres to the cloud. A digital transformation is hardly feasible without leveraging the competitive edge, offered by public / private / hybrid clouds. A multi-cloud is an emerging trend, and our Cloud Architects excel at it.

  • Fast deployment with no need to set up bare-metal servers
  • Infrastructure as Code for hassle-free development and deployment
  • Lean cost management with "pay as you go" business model
  • Higher security as cloud providers take charge of protection
  • Flexibility and collaboration thanks to the fully remote access
  • Business continuity with backups and logging data saved remotely
  • Single pane of glass" with all controls residing at the same GUI
  • Smaller environmental footprint due to the serverless IT architecture

Cloud Services and Solutions

Epic Frog’s team performs a preliminary assessment and develops a structured strategy to reach the identified business objectives. Is it a cloud migration or assistance in developing cloud-native apps, the Cloud Architects assure premium quality and high performance.

Managed Cloud

The Cloud Engineer performs the in-depth review, identifying legacy assets, business needs and costs, as well as TCO for a new cloud-first strategy. Inclusion of all stakeholders and absence of specific-provider promotion enables effective decision-making on the type of cloud, be it private, hybrid or public.

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Cloud Consulting

The dedicated Cloud Consultant analyses the current state and offers clear and actionable recommendations on easier transitions to cloud-native apps. Security and resilience always remain key components of the success journey. A clear cloud strategy is developed by looking at the board-level tasks through the technology-first prism. The efficient training and shadowing help staff smoothly transition into new roles and teams.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Businesses delegate the disaster recovery and backups management to professional Cloud Architects.

Sufficiently encrypted versions of the essential data are automatically stored and managed in multiple locations. High availability and business continuity are assured through the use of the hybrid cloud. Business-critical applications undergo detailed verifications analysing potential vectors of threat for 24/7/365 availability.

Cloud Migration

A well-tested framework ensures a smooth cloud migration with Cloud Architects leveraging their extensive experience across versatile business niches and strategies. Customers avoid common pitfalls and enjoy maximised cost reduction thanks to the multi-cloud approach and use of proprietary tools to automate resource management. Every decision based off dozens of previously utilised solutions.

Cloud Development

Customers are assisted in replatforming legacy applications to the cloud without losing the investment into technology and underlying architecture. Cloud-native applications are built in sync with the latest trends in cloud solutions. DevOps methodology underlies all collaborations, enabling the cross-company team to leverage continuous development, integration, testing, delivery and deployment.

Managed Cloud Services with Versatile Solutions

Cloud Architects research customer's unique needs and goals, helping to identify the best-fitting cloud solutions. A high level of personalisation drives our efforts to deliver a competitive edge through the use of cloud capabilities.

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Code Review Revision of operational applications for inefficiencies and bottlenecks

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