DevOps consulting services and implementations for any type of business

The professional team delivers effective DevOps consultations and implementations across many niches and business types. Higher flexibility and adaptability are empowered thanks to continuous development, delivery, testing and deployment.

DevOps: Rationale and Benefits

DevOps serves to merge Development and Operations to enable faster releases. A logical extension of the agile methodology, it replaces the traditional waterfall approach and breaks the walls between departments and SDLC stages.

Stakeholders are incentivised to collaborate and communicate throughout the process. Automation is driven through versatile tools helping develop scripts for most complex tasks. Upfront investment might seem excessive but lucrative ROI justifies expenses.

Efficient DevOps Cycle
Business Analysis and Planning
Requirements Management
Continuous Development
Continuous Integration
Continuous Testing
Operations and Maintenance

DevOps Offerings

Customers choose the best-fitting DevOps-related service, enjoying in-depth expertise of DevOps practitioners, versatile tools and exposure to a suite of DevOps implementation projects across various niches.

DevOps Audit

DevOps engineers review existing IT capabilities and assess the deployment process for efficiency, speed and automation. Opportunities are identified for deeper collaboration between departments, automation and augmentation with new tools. The result is a set of clear guidances and recommendations, a DevOps implementation/optimisation roadmap and efficiency assessments for each SDLC stage.

End-to-end DevOps as a Service

EPIC FROG's DevOps team turns into a natural extension. Customers enjoy a ready-to-use architecture for continuous development and deployment, avoiding a need to invest time and effort into recreating our core functionality in-house. The offering best suits start-ups and companies preparing to launch on their cloud journey.

DevOps consultations for emerging adopters

The experienced DevOps lead configures the Infrastructure as Code layer and guides the cross-functional team in their DevOps journey. Thereafter, the DevOps consultants gradually transfer ownership to in-house-engineers and practitioners. The focus is on building deep insights into rationale for agile and automated approaches, and not simply transplanting black-box solutions.

DevOps support for advancing adopters

DevOps engineers continuously support the efforts to implement new methodologies across legacy systems. Be it the cloud migration, QA optimisation or filling the gaps in the practitioners' knowledge, the DevOps trainers are always ready to assist and push the team forward for closer collaboration and communication. Tuning CI/CD tooling comes easy with the consultants well-versed in the plethora of DevOps tools

Pillars for Successful DevOps Journey

The DevOps advisers guide their strategies by well-recognised best practices in the fields of DevOps and agile philosophies.


Certified AWS engineers set up efficient workload management and scaling. A combination of in-situ and remote servers enables the robust and resilient provisioning.

Infrastructure as code

Automation and standardisation in provisioning eliminate bottlenecks and need for manual work when adjusting servers, operating systems, databases. Automated IaS brings high visibility into costs and accelerated reaction to changes in market conditions.


Packaged software is shipped fast and with minimum manual work. Kubernetes brings efficiency and convenience for orchestration, enabling easy access to specific nodes, clusters and services.


Segregated components assure resiliency and scaling to meet the peak demand. Developers are empowered to use various languages and frameworks of their choice thanks to the use of APIs.

Automated testing

Selenium and other technologies are leveraged for automated tests that immediately follow all integrations. Unit, functional and integration tests serve to faster discover new errors and shorten time to market.

Security assurance at core

Robust security checks and QA procedures are embedded throughout the DevOps cycles. Epic Frog never loses sights of security and protection against both common and newly arising threat vectors.

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