About Us
Our customer-oriented approach helps us to deliver highly personalised services to businesses across various industries. The use of agile and DevOps methodologies shorten the development cycle, enabling to product faster iterations and gather valuable customer insights.

We develop and implement innovative software of the finest quality, capable to impact the world around us, making it better and more sustainable.


Engaging a wide range of emerging and established technologies, DevOps and Agile methodologies and amazing talent to successfully complete iterations for customers' products.

Values we share

    Customer focus

    In everything we do, we are always driven by customer-centric approach.

    Continuous learning

    Technical, business and ancillary staff frequently undergo free training programs to continuously improve their skills and knowledge.

    High quality

    We always strive to deliver the highest quality in all software solutions we develop.


    We openly communicate with the customers, hiding no details about our work process and services.

    Flat architecture

    We empower individual developers to actively impact the final product and processes via DevOps and Agile methodologies.


    We are highly flexible and always ready to customise our processes in sync with customer's wants and needs.

Versatile Team and Continuous Growth

The in-house team brings together talented and experienced developers, project managers and business analysts. Customers enjoy the personalised approach in project management with the dedicated manager always ready to assist with their needs.

Industries we serve


Tech solutions continue disruptive banking and finance at large. Insurance, payments, investment, loans and many other niches are waking up to the power of tech innovations. Banks and IT companies merge to set up novel collaborations and disrupt.

Media and entertainment

Digital-first media are replacing old-time device-bound channels. An effective digital transformation is a prerequisite for any success in entertainment for years to come. Even a small startup is capable to revolutionise an established niche, breaking down established norms and delivery chains.


With more users shopping online every day, e-commerce has delivered a sustainable uplift in profits for years. Creating a powerful e-commerce business takes significant effort. Only those customers who leverage top-notch development and business-analysis talent stand to win in ruthless competition.


An agile philosophy helps faster innovation, even when dealing with long-term manufacturing CapEx-intensive projects. Our comprehensive experience in developing customised enterprise software for manufacturers helps to find the focal point to turn your business in the right direction.


Medical companies undergo a wave of changes. Introduction of machine learning, tokenisation, cloud computing and robotics are gradually changing the very fabric of what medicine is. Healthcare providers enjoy broad experience of our developers in the industry, integrity in all projects and decision-making as an art.

Energy and utilities

AI-empowered software helps utilise smart sensors and distribution systems for higher revenues and lowered wastage. Tracking and forecasting utility consumption helps redirect energy production. Comprehensive solutions enable performance monitoring across power transmission equipment chains of any size.

Estimate your project

Free Preliminary Consultation and estimation Full information on team, costs and timeline

Code Review Revision of operational applications for inefficiencies and bottlenecks

Expedient response Dedicated manager responds within 24 hours

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