Mobile app development: agile and fast releases

Mobile apps begin with an idea. Epic Frog converts your idea into a fully-fledged app, ready to marvel users and bring value. Personalization drives everything we do. DevOps specialists seek to account for each need and wish the customer displays. With an agile mindset at the core, the team excels at continuous deployment and data-driven decision-making.

Rationale for high-end custom mobile app development

A high-quality development process is needed to produce competitive mobile apps. In-depth designing, UI/UX prototyping and rigorous testing help create apps with higher value for users.

The team delivers superb applications, promising efficient monetization thanks to in-depth business analysis and market researching. A structured and well-organized approach always proves right with the app finding its competitive edge over rivals.

Technologies powering our mobile apps

The Epic Frog’s team brings together talented developers, UX/UI designers and analysts. We offer superb solutions for both native and hybrid apps.


With the standardized MVC-based architecture at the core, this framework offers an extensive out-of-the-box suite of components. Web Developers favor Laravel for wide community support, scalability and flexibility. Enriching your web app with novel features is always a frictionless process.


This JS-based back-end platform perfectly fits serverless apps with significant workload. A potential migration is justified thanks to asynchronous programming and microservices-friendly attitude. A powerful V8 engine is developed by Google.

React Native

Thanks to an all-in-one approach, this "Swiss knife" empowers marketplaces, sharing platforms and anything in-between. A special focus on data binding solves many problems in coding. Continuous upgrading process and robust community help keep up with changing trends.


A fully open-source PHP framework, Symfony has 500,000 devoted developers which makes it future-proof. A diverse suite of ready-to-use solutions for ecommerce, CRM and CMS streamlines development.

Services we excel at

Dual web & mobile strategy

The dedicated manager assists customers in delivering the dual website & mobile strategy. A custom-made CRM and CMS service both domains, bringing efficiency and economies of scale. Use of popular frameworks, such as React, Vue and Angular streamline processes. React Native is leveraged for a shorter MVP cycle.


All apps are based on AWS cloud services for cost-effective scalability. The back-end developers build out architecture for most complex smartphone apps with Node.js or Laravel. Flexible database solutions are constructed with MongoDB or MySQL. Customers are welcome to enjoy the continuous support and maintenance with the dedicated back-developer in charge.

UI/UX design

Elaborate prototyping and testing processes pave the way to highly effective UX/UX solutions. Empathy drives all our decisions, empowering your app to better synchronize with users and their motivations. Storyboards and MVPs help business analysts and UI/UX designers to collaborate, seeking out the best ways to solve for your use cases.


DevOps consultants leverage agile methodology for lean development. Data-driven decisions push the team in the right direction. Years of hands-on experience help DevOps avoid both frequent and rare pitfalls. Pivoting is stitched into the very fabric of your app's development journey. Apps go live, shedding unpopular features and growing winners. Our process delivers value.

Machine learning

The in-house data scientists analyze your data processes and offer automations for faster operations. Better data visualization is enabled thanks to machine learning and deep learning. Natural language processing empowers chatbots and further innovations, taking customers ahead of the curve.

3 collaboration methods we implement


The full-stack team helps identify a better route toward more subscriptions and conversions. A business analyst works to determine high-potential offerings missing across the competition. A redesign rejuvenates the main use case, winning more penetration across the core target audiences. All steps are clearly documented within the mobile strategy.

Full-cycle development

The customer enjoys the end-to-end coverage. Epic frog takes charge of all processes, discovering the best strategies for graphics, UI/UX, front-end, back-end, cloud and AI. The dedicated manager serves as a SPoC, orchestrating all communications cross-team.

MVP and PoC

A new brand finds an easy way into mobile. Use our shape-shifting MVP to poll investors and angels. A business analyst helps the team to better communicate the benefits and present the PoC in action. A well-established MVP roll-out procedure keeps under control both schedules and budgets.

Estimate your project

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